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Modern Non Iron

Religious Pendant 18. Century

Religious pendant. 18. century. Copper alloy.

Found at an old farm. Picture below shows the sacred heart.

Bronze Buckle #1, ca. 1500

Bronze buckle #1. Circular. Ca. 1500.

Bronze Buckle #2 ca. 1500

Bronze buckle #2. Ca. 1500.

Dog Tag 1887 3 Mark

Dog tag 1887 3 Mark. Copper alloy.


In contrast to most searchers I am not very much interested in coins. While I appreciate their ability to be dated very well I just do not like their impersonal nature. Coins are among the most impersonal possessions we have.

Copper Coins 1500 1900

Copper coins are much more sensitive to corrosion than silver coins. In the acidic soil of modern forests even 200 year old coins have often lost all surface detail.

Bavarian Copper Coin 1796

Bavarian copper coin 1796

Saxonian Copper Coin, ca. 1800

30 mm copper coin from Saxony. Ca. 1800.

Copper Coin group 19. century

Copper coin group 19. century.

Coins were found in close proximity. Maybe a wallet was lost.

Silver Coins 1500 - 1871

Bavarian Silver Coin 1579

Bavarian silver coin 1579.

Coin Button #1

Coin button #1 1721.

Coin Button #2

Coin button #2. 1766.

3 Kreuzer Bavaria 1752

Bavarian silver coin 1752.

3 Kreuzer Nassau 1834

3 Kreuzer Nassau 1834

Silver Coins 1871 - now

1 Mark 1875

1 Mark 1875. Sterling silver.

The quality of the German coins declined more or less continuously since 1871. After the German Reich was founded in 1871 Sterling silver was used. This was the best material German coins ever had.
From 1918 (end of World War 1) and 1949 (Federal Republic of Gemany was founded) base metal was used. From 1949 to the 1970s at least the biggest coins had a silver content of 62.5%. When new coins were introduced in the 1970s no silver at all was used. The Euro, introduced in 2002, is the worst money Germany ever had. After just 1 or 2 years in the ground corrosion takes a bigger toll on Euro coins than decades on the old money.

0.5 Mark 1905

1/2 Mark 1905. Sterling silver.

5 Mark 1951

5 Mark 1951. 625 silver.

(C) Thorsten Straub 2006-2019.

Modern (Post 1500) Iron Napoleon battlefields