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Communist Manifesto found with metal detector

Usually finds reveal very little about the human that lost or cached them. The individual stays anonymous in the mist of time. This find does not only reveal the names of involved persons, it sheds some light on the time they lived in. 1933, when Hitler came to power and Nazi Germany began to emerge.

In a rock crack in a hang a steel tube was found containing several communistic leaflets – and a hand written communist manifesto in which the signers, who also wrote down name and profession, expressed their political convictions. The tube was wrapped in a newspaper dating to fall 1933.

The hang the tube was found

Hang the Manifesto was found.

The tube was found in a crack in one of the rock outcroppings.

The crack

The crack.

The opened tube

The opened Steel Tube.

Leaflet "The truth on Soviet Russia

Booklet "The Truth on Soviet Russia".

The manifesto

Manifesto (small)

The last sentence translates to “Lenin is dead but his work is alive.”

Full story: Time Capsule from 1933 found metal detecting

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