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It is interesting to see that legends sometimes become completely detached from any facts. During the research for this article I became a member of a forum dealing with the possible secrets of Rennes Les Chateau . It was interesting to observe that the discussion dealt with details though the basics were completely unproved, in same cases even proved wrong. People preferred to ignore this and to discuss for the sake of discussing.

This phenomenon is not at all restricted to the alleged Rennes Les Chateau mystery – which is proven non-existent by now - but can be observed with all sorts of very speculative topics. Sorry to say the discussion on these topics is often on a rather low level in terms of scientific techniques. This in turn causes many scientists not to work on these subjects because they do not want to endanger their professional reputation. Consequently, regrettably little progress is made with these sometimes interesting mysteries.

People want to believe in secrets. This desire seems to be deeply rooted in our subconscious.

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