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Conclusion SS Division Part 1 (6/6)

Conclusion SS Division Part 1

Field marshal Keitel signs surrender document

May 7, 1945.

Unlike most other types of metal detecting searching well researched military sites often allows to narrow down the time frame of the finds to a very small period. It is very likely that the found machine pistol was discarded by a German soldier on May 7, 1945 prior to his march into US captivity. So it is not only a reminder of this terrible conflict but also of its best part – the end.

On the very day this machine pistol was likely hidden the German Field Marshal Keitel signed the document of surrender

On the same day the cover of the Time magazine showed a picture of Hitler crossed out.

The story of this find will always remind me of these truly historic days in May 1945. To me, this is what detecting is about. The history is there - we just have to dig!

Announcement Part 2

Announcement Trails SS Div Part 2

So much for the first part of this little adventure. If you liked it please do not miss part 2.

Greetings from Europe, and happy hunting to all.

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PPSH 41 submachine gun (5/6)