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Map of intentionally hidden objects (10/15)

Map of intentionally hidden objects

Skull Hill Hidden Finds Map.

To conclude the section on search results the distribution of intentionally hidden objects regardless of their age is discussed.

The percentage of intentionally hidden objects is very high. 7 to 8 out of some 60 finds were hidden. There are two cache concentrations.

One is located west of skull hill where the abandoned way reaches the top and meets the modern way. The old nails and the belt buckles were found there.

The other is at the bottom end of the southern slopes. To hide something on the slopes is tedious since the layer of soft soil is so thin. At the bottom end it is thicker. Furthermore, this region is close to the village. Nearer to the village the ground contains just junk.

All finds were hidden on more or less even ground though this cannot be seen on the map. For this y a much larger scale is needed. Nobody likes to dig on a slope.

The WW 2 finds combat knife (#23) and K98k carbine (#15) are isolated finds on even parts of the eastern slopes-

To sum it up, people like to hide items where this can be done in a convenient way. Soft ground in places easy to reach under forest canopy. Or, as Charles Garrett, avid treasure hunter and founder of the metal detector manufacturer, uses to say, keep it simple. Treasure spots on the tops of remote mountains exist in fiction novels only.

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