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Cleaned Metal Detecting Finds (7/7)

Cleaned Finds

Napoleonic ammo. Cleaned State.

The triangular items under the cannon ball is a lock from tin plated iron, ca. 17.-18. century.

The left plastic bag contains the remains of the non waterdilutable substances of the gunpowder. The saltpetre, which is dilutable in water, has been largely washed out during the last 200 years so the powder was not explosive any more. Nevertheless, since I did not want to take chances I just kept the non-diluatble substances like sulphur and charcoal.
The right bag contains organic parts of the cannon ball, mainly the wooden fuse and the fabric to seal the fuse.

Closeup Cleaned Cannonball

Cannon Ball. Cleaned State.

A closeup of the cleaned and preserved cannon ball. Note that I left as many oxide layers on the ball as possible. It took 200 years to build these layers. Isn’t she a beauty? The ball was cleaned with electrolysis on the inside as well as the outside. 15 cm / 6” diameter. Weight (empty) 6.7 Kg / some 15 lib.

Well, so much for the small wooded area and the story of its finds. Hope you enjoyed it and that you, like me, will one day make the find of your dreams.

Bye, and happy hunting
Thorsten Straub

(C) Thorsten Straub 2006-2011.

Napoleon Cannon Ball Metal Detecting Find (6/7)