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Introduction Metal Detecting Hohenlinden (1/7)

Battle of Hohenlinden

One of my metal detecting sites is the battlefield of Hohenlinden. Near this village in southern Germany the French and the Austrian/Bavarian armies met on December 3, 1800. In total, more than 100.000 soldiers were involved.

The area is quite large (10 km x 10 km / 6 miles x 6 miles) with both forests and fields so it provides enough ground for a lifetime of detecting - and enough finds for several stories.

The battlefield is well known to detectorists and has been hit hard over the years. Large areas are virtually free of metal parts. I spent countless days searching barren areas and came home empty handed.

Recently, however, I found a small (150 m x 80 m/ 165 yards x 88 yards) wooded area which provided finds of various periods. In confined space this area was not just an assembly of trees but a sort of archive of 200, maybe even 2000 years of human activity both civil and military. I hope that some of my finds might be interesting to other hobbyists. So here is my report.

(C) Thorsten Straub 2006-2011.

Metal Detecting the battlefield of Hohenlinden First Metal Detecting Finds (2/7)