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First Metal Detecting Finds (2/7)

First finds

I arrived at this place for the first time at a sunny day in June. Earlier this day I had searched a nearby area for hours and did not find a single item with the exception of a horseshoe. This was particularly annoying since I spent 1.5 hours to draw a map so I could note the exact find spot of each item. Accordingly, my mood was not the best when I changed location. However, within two hours I had found a few items that told me that this forest was never searched thoroughly before. Two items might be worth mentioning.

Tent Hook

Possible Tent Hook. Napoleonic.

The first was a 15 cm/6” iron tent hook that possibly originated from the soldiers.

Small anvil

Anvil View 1.

The other item was a more unusual one. While it is not 100% identified yet I am convinced that it is a small anvil just 10 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm (4” x 4” x 0.8”) in size. This anvil had a pointed edge so it could be hammered into a piece of wood, e,g, tree trunk before put to use. A portable anvil for fine works.

Anvil View 2

Anvil View 2.

Another view.

Anvil View 3

Anvil View 3.

Still another view.

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