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Non Ferrous Metal Detecting Finds (5/7)

Non Ferrous Finds

Silver Coin 1752

Bavarian silver coin 1752.

Close to the grape shot hole two non-iron objects were found. One is a Bavarian silver coin of 1752

Tobacco Pipe Piece

Tobacco Pipe Piece.

The other item is a lead part of a tobacco pipe.


Various Buttons, ca. 19. Century.

The next search days two grape shots, three musket balls and several buttons were found. All finds were isolated. The button on the right might be modern but the other two probably originated from the battle. The left one contains the French inscription ‘equipments militaires’ The center one shows a post horn.

Coin Group 19./20. century

Coin Group 19. and 20. Century.

Now most of the area was searched. Just the creek banks remained. I searched an hour without finding anything than junk. Then I found a group of small coins close together. Interesting enough, the German and Austrian coins came from very different periods (1875-1938) so I don’t think the find resulted from a lost wallet..

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