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Cleaned Napoleon Metal Detecting Finds (3/4)

Finds in Cleaned State

Find Group. Cleaned State.

X_Find Group. Cleaned State.

Group picture of all recovered items in cleaned state. Most items are grenade fragments some 1.5 cm thick. At the fragment left of center remains of the fuse hole are visible. A grenade started to tear apart at the hole since this is the weakest part.
The item at the bottom right is a saw teeth adjuster.

The Spur

Spur. Cleaned.

My favourite relic is the spur. Was it lost by a cavalry man attacking this hill? What happened to him?

It is in pretty good condition. Even the small buckles are still visible.

Spur View 2

Spur. Cleaned. View 2.

A different view

Other Napoleonic Spur

Napoleonic Spur.

It is of the same type as a damaged spur I found on the field of a Napoleonic battle that took place several years later. Again, Austrians and French were involved. It is shown here for comparison purposes only.

(C) Thorsten Straub 2006-2011.

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