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Conclusion (8/8)


Other detectorists searched this place before, but not very thoroughly. In my opinion the found iron pieces will mirror more or less the original distribution. I found many large, irrelevant iron objects like horse shoes in the ground so I think the distortion of the find distribution due to previous metal searchers is neglectable as far as iron items are concerned.

Metal and ceramic finds indicate Roman as well as medieval presence at this place, though not very intensively. If, for instance, two or three man had stayed there 365 days a year for 300 years many more items had to be expected, in particular nails and ordinary items as knifes. According to the few finds human presence was rather limited in total.

The Roman coin indicates Roman presence in the late 4. or 5. century, so the road was still in use at this late period.

So much to our little journey into the past. Hope you liked it.

Thorsten Straub, July 2006

(C) Thorsten Straub 2006-2019.

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