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Topography (3/8)


Here come a few pictures to give the reader an idea of the place. Please join me for a quick walk.

The Creek

View over Creek.

In the eastern half of the investigated area a creek runs from north to south. This picture shows a view across this creek in direction south-east.

Hill Carrying the Former Street Station

Street Station Hill.

Because the remains of the station are so small and because of the landscape it is very difficult to picture them. For a good picture I had to chop down all trees but one, climb the remaining one and make the picture. This picture is the best I can offer for the station’s hill near point 6.

Fox Hole at Point 4

Post World War 2 Foxhole.

Point 4 on the map, located at the south-eastern slope of the hill, indicates several depressions.

Post World War 2 US soldiers

US Army Post World War 2 Tuna Can Lid.

According to the finds these depressions originated from post World War 2 and were foxholes from US soldiers.

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