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Found World War 2 Weapons

Weapons left behind by the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division 'Prinz Eugen' at the end of world war 2: 88mm cartridge, German 'egg' grenade, Carcano bayonet, MP40 submachine gun, Carcano rifle, Carbine 98 ammo pouch, 88mm shell carrying device.

From a relic hunters point of view this conflict led to some interesting weapon hidings.
German soldiers went into captivity or tried to get home walking by night and spending the days in the woods. They needed to get rid of their weapons and many chose to dig them. For German soldiers wanting to surrender it was certainly a good idea to get rid of gun and helmet before approaching the US lines.

Besides these weapon hiding situations linked directly with the war some more weapon hidings had to do with it in an indirect way. One of the first orders of the US government in southern Germany prohibited weapon possession. Violation of this law was threatened with death penalty. Consequently, many people went to the nearest forest to dig whatever weapon they had at home. All these circumstances led to a good number of hidden weapons in southern Germany.

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German army in Spring 1945