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Map Roman Street Station (2/8)


Map Roman Street Station On Hilltop.

In hilly woodland it is very difficult to take photos so the reader gets an impression of the landscape. Often many trees are visible and little else. A map gives a better overview. Also, when examining an antique site it is especially important to record the position of each find so no information is lost during recovery. For both tasks a map is a good solution.

The street station is the red square in the center. The red line indicates the Roman road. Dashed red lines indicate where the road probably continued. However, there are no visible traces.

Creeks are marked blue. The green rectangle limits the searched area. Contour lines are drawn in black.

The station is located on the southern end of a small ridge in north-south direction. The road came from lower ground in the south east , crossed a stream, branched and climbed to the north west. Both parallel routes are visible today as hollow ways. The road turned north and reached a small valley between the hill of the station and another hill to the west.

The red numbers indicate find spots. The blue numbers indicate convenient access points to fresh water. I am sure people wanted their animals to drink after the ascent. I shall refer to these numbers later when pictures of finds and landscape are shown.

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