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Ways (4/8)


This chapter shows the visible remains of Ways and Roads.

Possible former bridge

Possible Place of Former Bridge.

Here the road crossed the stream south of point 2. If the creeks existed at Roman times here a small bridge once stood. Because the Romans had the habit of throwing small bronze coins into the water when crossing a bridge I searched the area thoroughly but found no Roman items.

The Road Branches at Point 3

Road branch.

This is the place were the newer road meets the older one. The left one is older since it is straight. However, I cannot tell by how many years the right one is younger. I did not find any datable pieces in there. I guess it originated in medieval times when the traffic revived.

View from Newer Road Back to Point 3

View at Road Branch.

View from the younger road to point 3.

The Newer Road

The Newer Road.

This is the newer of both roads, the northern one. Vegetation indicates usage into recent times.

The Old Road

The Old Road.

The straight and thus older route. That is all what remains from a Roman road of first order, connecting two province capitals, after some 1600 years of erosion. Maybe the small creek was the reason why the newer route was build.

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